TNT|EUR – Baristas Without Borders: Sweden vs. Poland


TNT|EUR – Baristas Without Borders: Sweden vs. Poland


Last winter one passionate Polish barista visited dear old Stockholm and marched right into our own Throwdown and walked out a winner! And now it’s time for payback!


Okay, it’s not really that serious but when Kofeina’s Artur Porada visited Stockholm he made a lot of new friends and a lasting impression on us all. We talked about the idea of a Sweden-Poland Throwdown and now we’re trying to make it into a reality!


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TNT|GBG 7.0: September Sprodeo

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TNT|GBG, a group on Flickr.

Hey everybody. Here is the Flickr set for last night’s TNT. It was a rainy night and the turnout was not spectacular but really, I think the whole thing went quite smoothly.

The other exciting part was that for the first time 2 of our finalists were female! With DaMatteo’s Linn Lundholm taking home the cash and earning a trip to Stockholm (even if she may not be able to be there.)

TNT|GBG 5: Café DaNino

I’ve been a bad blog manager! My bad!

Anyway, tonight we will gather at Café DaNino for the fifth entry of Thursday Night Throwdown, Göteborg.

At the previous TNT we introduced a new format in which baristas competed head-to-head. The idea was to add a bit more excitement to the proceedings (from a spectator standpoint) as well as hopefully speed up the event. People seemed to respond well to the change in format so we’re going to go with it again, albeit slightly modified.

This time, baristas will go head-to-head but at the same time they will be competing against the field. It breaks down like this: we will randomly select baristas two at a time. The two selected baristas will each dose and pull their own shot and steam their own milk, simultaneously. They will pour ONE drink and place it in front of our (3) judges. First, the three judges will decide which drink of the two gives the best overall impression, that drink will win that individual “heat.” The winning drink will then be scored by the three judges based on the following categories:

  1. Balance & Symmetry: Dividing lines are clean, even, and show no signs of hesitation. Individual elements work well with and compliment each other. There is no sense of awkwardness.
  2. Color Infusion & Definition: The contrast between the whiteness of the foam, and the darkness of the crema. How infused or intertwined the brownness of the crema is with the whiteness of the foam. The intention of the design is obvious and clear.
  3. Use of Space: The design fills the cup with in an appropriate and pleasant way. The design neither crowds the cup, nor leaves it feeling empty or unfinished. There is a harmony between the size of the cup and size of the design.

Please note, each judge will be responsible for one category ONLY. In other words one judge will be the Balance & Symmetry judge, the next will be the Color Infusion & Definition judge and the third will be the Use of Space judge. What we hope to accomplish is to significantly cut down on the time spent deliberating. The scoring will range between 0 and 10. Judges’ decisions are FINAL. (Tie breakers will be determined by a pour off.)

No matter how many competitors enter the competition, the baristas that receive the FOUR HIGHEST SCORES will advance to the next round and will be seeded based on their scores, with the highest scoring barista competing against the lowest and second highest versus third.

First place winner takes the cash!
Our other finalists will all receive prizes donated by our partners and OFFICIAL SPONSORS(!!!!) Kaffemaskinen!

Additionally, EVERYONE who competes tonight will receive a bag of San Antonio de Esquipulas espresso roast from Åre Kafferosteri!

Also, I should note that if you do not have one of  the top scores at tonight’s event fear not! We will record everyone’s scores for every TNT for the rest of the year and those that have the highest scores at the end of the year will compete in a “tournament of champions!” Don’t worry Viktor and Simon, since you two have won January and February’s TNTs (respectively) you are already guaranteed a spot in the grand finale!

So, I can’t wait to see how tonight’s events unfold! Now that Stockholm and Malmö have joined the TNT fray it’s up to us here in da GBG to raise our collective games!


TNT Numero 4

Quick announcement: The fourth TNT will be hosted by Mahogny Coffee located on Gibraltargatan on February 23rd, 2012…which, by the way, also happens to be my 35th birthday.

This is a very special TNT (not because of the birthday thing) because it will take place just under two weeks before the Gothenburg area Barista Cup competition.

More information to follow!

TNT|GBG 4 (Facebook event page.)

TNT|GBG 3: Recap

Really quickly just want to say that the third edition of Thursday Night Throwdown, Göteborg went smashingly well. The number of participants was slightly down (15) but the overall attendance was up. It’s still a work in progress and I think a bit more fine-tuning will help the events run completely flawlessly.

To that end, I am very proud to announce that from here on out I will not be the sole party responsible for organizing and hosting the TNTs. First Degree Coffee will be splitting the organizational duties with former DaMatteo barista extraordinaire and former TNT winner, Ms. Camilla Pettersson. I am looking forward to working with Camilla and having her input on how to make the TNTs run a bit more smoothly. Also, between the two of us it will be a lot easier to hit the streets, visit cafés and promote the events.

While I am very proud to have Kaffemaskinen as our primary sponsor, I can’t foresee this thing going much further without some major support from some more sponsors.

Anyway, the winners of this month’s Throwdown was DaMatteo’s Viktor Steinke! Viktor took home a nice 750 kr prize (as well as a T-shirt designed by coffee geek supreme, Brian Jones.) Our second place winner, Edvin Vinthagen (also of DaMatteo), won a Clever Coffee Dripper and our third place winner Markus Garberg of Espresso House took home a bag of Guji from David Haugaard. I just wanted to add that Mr. Garberg finished in the top three at the previous TNT also so, it’s basically a matter of time before he takes home the big one!

Now begins the process of organizing the next one. I have a few ideas as far as potential venues goes and one very specific date in mind but we’ll see how the chips fall.

Below is a picture comprising the top four pours of the night. I hope to have more pictures up as they become available.


These are the best of the best from TNT 3!


So here we go! The third edition of Thursday Night Throwdown, Göteborg is just around the corner. The vital information is listed above. Big thanks to the wonderful gang over at da Matteo for volunteering to host. I have to say, even though the gang at da Matteo are pros, they have some big shoes to fill as the previous TNT at Café Con Amor went absolutely smashing. Jill and Johanna did a fantastic job providing wine and an amazing spread of baked goodies to munch on as the competition proceeded.

As for that previous TNT, there were 18 competitors (up from the twelve who competed in the first one) representing such a diverse range of cafés as the aforementioned daMatteo, also Bar Italia, Sweet Coffeebar, freakin’ ESPRESSO HOUSE (rep-ra-zent!), Mahogny (of course) Kaffemaskinen and, naturally, Café Con Amor. In the first version there was a simple 20 kronor entry fee to compete, in the second the fee was doubled to 40 kronor with the winners taking the whole pot. In addition to  the cash prize a gift package was provided by Kaffemaskinen.

Before I forget, I just wanted to give a big public congratulations to the winners of the first two TNT’s! The winner of the first Throwdown was Jesper Tullback of the just mentioned-in-the-previous-paragraph Kaffemaskinen! Winner number two was the lovely and talented Camilla Pettersson (formerly of daMatteo.) Congratulations to both of you and good luck to all who will be competing next week.

Anyway, I’ll be back to make this blog a bit more informative and what not. Eventually we’ll settle on a specific set of rules and those rules will be posted here on the blog. At the second TNT my friend Paulina deejayed and that really helped lighten the asmosphere tremendously so I cannot forget to give her some mad props. She (or her other half Johannes) will be spinning at TNT|GBG 3.0 as well as just about all the future TNT’s. With that, I’d like to perhaps post her playlists here on the website. There are pictures from the previous events on Facebook courtesy of Brian Jones  and dear friend Anders Perman (here, here and here) but I would like to consolidate all that and future images here on le blogue.

So stay tuned, make sure to keep an eye on den här blog as well as on the Book of Face. There is also a TNT|GBG Twitter account so if you have a Twitter account feel free to follow at @TNTGBG!


Hello world!

This is the official page for Thursday Night Throwdown – Göteborg. The plan is to make this the primary location for information about each edition of Göteborg’s first monthly series of barista competitions.

As soon as we settle on a set of rules that feels most comfortable there will be a page here featuring the rules.

Also, I thought it would be nice if there were a sign-up function here on the website.

Right now, the Facebook page will be the main source of all things that  pertain to TNT|GBG.